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New photos of La Belle Juliette

photos: Jérôme d'Almeida -

After a week-long intensive shooting at La Belle Juliette, Jérôme d’Almeida has just sent us his new photos of the rooms, the spa and the salons, and we think they look great! Take a look!Jérôme had a wild old time visiting all the rooms in the hotel so you can see what they are like. Let’s start on the first floor (second floor for you Americans), with its two different styles; Mme de Staël and Mme Récamier. No surprise that it’s delicately feminine.The second floor is dedicated to Italy. This is the floor that you may have already seen in earlier photos (here), but now there are additional photos of the Junior Suite and Deluxe room.The third floor belongs to Chateaubriand, once again with two different styles symbolising his youth and his maturity…And the fourth floor is all about les causeries, the gossip that undoubtedly went on at Juliette’s salons…Coming down from the fourth floor is the best way to appreciate Anne Gelbard’s specially-created fresco before arriving at the salons; the music and reading room, the Talma bar…And at last there are some great shots of the spa where you can be pampered and massaged, or just float around in our mini swimming pool…And to top it all off, the facade!We hope these photos have made you want to come and visit! Do tell us what you think!

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To check out the full gallery of new photos by Jérôme d’Almeida, click the play button below, followed by the four little arrows bottom right to go into fullscreen mode (for extra loveliness)!