Martijn Berk at the Hôtel des Grands Hommes

Dutch photographer / filmmaker Martijn Berk contacted us to ask if he could make a little film at the Grands Hommes, and as we’re really nice and like to help out with creative projects, we said yes!

Here are a few photos from the shoot, the film itself, and more…As Martijn explains on hiw webstie, his work often centres on feelings of desire, the wish to find the perfect something/somebody that you are looking for.

He preferes models with a natural look, using as little make-up as possible (and sometimes none at all). Here’s his film “La Voix” (The Voice), filmed at the Hôtel des Grands Hommes, with subtitles taken from an opera by Jean Cocteau, “La voix humaine“. Click the four little arrows bottom right to watch in fullscreen (and choose HD for the full beauty of it).

Director: Martijn Berk. Styling: Dick Meertens. Model: Victor Leclerc @ MGM Paris. Make-up: Blanche Albera @ A Make Up Paris.

And it looks like Martijn made another film that day, “La croisée”; the same model, wearing the same clothes, can be seen in the street just near the Hôtel des Grands Hommes with the Panthéon not far behind…

Here are a few more photos taken during filming.We’re always open to serious propositions for films or photos in our hotels, so feel free to contact us if you’re a creative type. 🙂

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