Nature Festival in the Jardin des Plantes
12th & 13th May 2012

If you lack the time or energy to go to the Ecole de Breuil horticulture school open days this weekend in the Bois de Vincennes, why not try the Fête de la Nature (Nature Festival) in the Jardin des Plantes, not far at all from our hotels. They have a ‘nature village’, films for kids and a whole lot more…

photo : JasonW

OK, getting to the Ecole de Breuil is a bit of a shchlep, although we have to say we think it’s worth it. However, it’s true that the Jardin des Plantes is a lot closer, and there’s a lot planned for their nature festival:

– A nature village with over 20 stalls of information and activities
– A mini film festival for kids, called Pousse-Pousse, plus a stage show ‘Les Drôles de Petites Bêtes’
– Load going on in the gardens with workshops, demonstrations / games…
– And (the only thing that’s not free), four different guided tours of the recently restored hothousesFrench-readers can check out the press release with the full programme below. Just click the first button bottom left of the image to go into fullscreen mode, or simply click here.

The Fête de la Nature is in the Jardin des Plantes (here) on 12th and 13th May 2012

Open from 10.30am – 7pm


Officiel Jardin des Plantes website:

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