The floating gardens of the Seine start taking shape

The final step in reclaiming part of the banks of the Seine back from motor traffic, the plants have started to be planted on the five artificial islands on the Seine, our new floating garden with 60 trees and 3,000 other plants….

Le jardin flottant des berges de la Seine prend forme
JC Choblet – APUR

The grand project to make a large part of the Seine-side Left Bank a pedestrian area will soon be finished, including

– no traffic along the Seine between the Musée d’Orsay and Musée du Quai Branly,

– new bike lanes,

– a sports area,

– a restaurant with cultural events,

– and most of all, a spectacular floating garden with five islands forming an archipelago, and a different theme in each area.

The main island allows you to turn left onto the prairie islands and the bird island, or right onto the orchard island and island of mists. In all, 1,800 m² of garden will be your to enjoy over the water.

The beginning of work is shown in the video below, and the planting in the video above. Everything should be opening this summer, so only a few more weeks to wait!

For more info, visit the official site in English:

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