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The new colours of the Hôtel du Panthéon are revealed

The total renovation of the Hôtel du Panthéon is coming along well. Want to see a first glimpse of the new décor? Well, some of the ceiling beams have been painted, there’s some smart wallpaper (with sweet butterflies), and some really great tiles in the new bathrooms!

Come take a look…

Renovation - Hôtel du Panthéon - **** - Paris
photos : JasonW

For the best view of the work taking place, we had to go to the very top floor of the Hôtel du Panthéon and see how things were progressing. Apparently, when you renovate a hotel from top to bottom, that’s exactly the way it’s done!

And so it is that the top floors currently give the best idea of how the hotel will look when it reopens early August. The beams have been spray painted in different shades of purple and dark reds, and each floor has its own story to tell (more information here).The spaces in between the beams haven’t been painted because wallpaper is going to to be placed there. In one room, we were able to check some of it out – a sweet retro-style display of butterflies over our heads.Some of the new coving has also been placed – brand new but in a classic style.And here’s a sneak peak at all the colours that will be used in various areas of the hotel. It looks like there are nearly 60 different shades.But it’s the tiling in the bathrooms that really wowed us. Simple but instantly impressive, with subtle reflections of the light and some relief effects that really pop.And even if the rooms aren’t finished yet, the view is still as amazing as ever.To take a look at all our photos of the ongoing renovation of the Hôtel du Panthéon, click the play button below, then click the four little arrows bottom right to go into fullscreen mode.

And don’t forget that our Tumblr has loads more images and info about the inspiration behind the hotel décor.

And to read the press release about the hotel’s new interiors and the people that inspired each floor, click here.