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Roland Garros 2015 from 19th May – 7th June

For tennis fans, it’s one of the main events of the year – Roland Garros is back in Paris, attracting stars like Prince and, erm, Bob Sinclar.

Here’s all the info.
Roland Garros 2015 du 19 mai au 7 juinThe chicest tournament of the Grand Slam (sooo much classier than Wimbledon, and a lot closer than either the Australian Open and US Open) opens the season, bringing good weather and thrilling matches with it.

Despite Roland Garros being on the western edge of the city, if you’re staying at La Belle Juliette the metro journey is just 15 minutes (plus a few more on foot). From our other hotels, it’ll take just ten minutes more.

Roland Garros 2015 du 19 mai au 7 juin
photo : JasonW

While you’re there, why not visit the French Tennis Federartion Museum located on-site, open every day during the tournament and free if you have a ticket for a game. Outside that period, the museum is still open from Wednesday – Sunday, and every day(except Mondays) during school holidays.

There are even behind the scenes tours of Roland Garros available (not during the actual even, obviously). For more info, click here.

And if you want to learn more about the expansion project for Roland Garros, due in 2019, check out The idea is to make the place bigger and better, but the project has been slowed down by local opposition, as some plant hothouses dating form the 19th century will also have to be destroyed.

Those opposed to the project say that the motorway that runs along the edge of the stadium could easily be covered over to make room for new development. The Paris council doesn’t agree. We’ll know soon whether sport wins over nature…

Roland Garros 2015 runs from 19th May – 7th June

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