The guestbook of the Hôtel des Grands Hommes – extract 7

It is time once again to show you some comments from the 1940s/50s guestbook of the Hotel des Grands Hommes, a fascinating peek back to simpler times 😃

Today, everyone is being very nice about the welcome, the atmosphere and the meals at the hotel!

David Sparks from Pennsylvania writes “I am leaving France again. I leave it perpetually. The good side of this is that I perpetually come back, so this is not ‘adieu’ but ‘au revoir’. My deepest thanks.”

On the 14th July 1949, Gertrude Björklund says “My very best wishes go with you in the continuation of the great endeavour that you have undertaken.”

On 21st August of the same year, an anonymous woman from Bordeaux talks of the “excellence of the food and the agreeable atmosphere in the entire house” which make her regret Paris rather than her home town!

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photo: Christophe Bielsa

Elizabeth Kratt, a student, is also very happy with her stay, saying:

“Dear Madame, I thank you for everything you have done to make this year of study in Paris one that will always be such a good memory for me. I say goodbye in the hope that I will be able to return to France one day. I know that I will not be the only one to enjoy your hospitality, and that the foyer that is developing thanks to your efforts will be for many foreign students their home from home in Paris.”

And Paul from Chicago has a sweet little message – “To Madame Souquet, whose international family, while it may not be the largest in the world , is certainly the most devoted. I want to express my thanks here for having been able to become a member of it this summer of 1949.”

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