The spirit of the place exhibition at the Petit Palais, 3rd May – 8th July 2018

You may not know that the Petit Palais has a collection of photos consisting of pieces collected over the past ten years.

For the first time, the museum is showing a selection of these images take, by seven photographers – Julien Lescoeur, Hélène Langlois, Flore, Bruno Delamain, Stéphane Couturier, Jean-Christophe Ballo et Vasco Ascolini.

And it’s free!

Exposition l’Esprit des lieux au Petit Palais du 3 mai au 8 juillet 2018
© Flore / Petit Palais / Roger-Viollet

Since reopening in 2005, little by little the Little Palace has been adding to its photographic collection partly through acquisitions, partly through gifts. The museum now has over a hundred photos with the museum itself as subject.

The photographers whose work is being shown in the exhibition The spirit of the place all had access to the building during its renovation between 2000 and 2005, showing the exhibition spaces empty, protected, in the middle of being worked on…

It’s an unusual view of the building, and one that not many are privy to. Now, thanks to this free exhibition, you can see the museum in a new light, thanks to a presentation in seven sections (one for each photographer).

Exposition l’Esprit des lieux au Petit Palais du 3 mai au 8 juillet 2018
© Stéphane Couturier / Petit Palais /Roger-Viollet

Linked with the exhibition, there’s a conference in French on 12th June about photography today and tomorrow, with input from three photographers whose work is on show.

It’s happening in the museum’s auditorium, and just like the exhibition itself, it’s free.

The exhibition l’Esprit des lieux is at the Petit Palais (here) from 3rd May – 8th July 2018

Closed Mondays and some public holidays

Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm. Late night opening Fridays until 9pm


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