The Paris Nature Festival, 23rd-27th May 2018

Now is the time to discover how green our lovely city is, thanks to the Nature Festival (or Fête de la Nature, as we call it)!

Near our hotels we are lucky enough to have both the Jardin du Luxembourg and Jardin des Plantes, two of the biggest and best green spaces the city has to offer, so check out the list of events and enjoy!
La Fête de la Nature du 23 au 27 mai 2018

The theme of this year’s Nature Festival is ‘see the invisible’. Beyond the immediate beauty of nature, a lot of the events on offer encourage you to take a closer look and understand the complexity of all the tiny insects and plants that play an essential role.

So here’s a look at what’s on offer close to our hotels

On 23rd May 2018 there’s a treasure hunt – Le jardin secret – where you’ll need to recognise certain trees, wild plants and birds. And it’s free!

On 26th & 27th May 2018 (the weekend) you can discover a garden called le Jardin aux p’tits oignons in the 15th arrondissement, prepare compost with them and make seed bombs. They’ll even let you go home with yours. Oh, and it’s free!

In the 14th arrondissent, there’s a free 3-hour workshop all about dyeing fabric, called des teintures végétales : des couleurs insoupçonnées. It’s on 26th May from 2-5pm, and you’ll be able to go home with your creations (booking essential though).

At the Parc Montsouris you can discover the various wild birds of the park on 26th May, with guided walks between 9 and 6pm.

You’ll see herons, tits and – a fairly new arrival – budgies!

Also on 26th May, there are one-hour walks around the Montparnasse cemetery, but with a twist.

You’ll learn a lot about the wild plants they have there, but also be shown the tombs of famous French botanists and get explanations on why certain flowers are often featured in funerary art.

Group size is limited to 20 people though, so be sure to book in advance.
La Fête de la Nature du 23 au 27 mai 2018
Of course, the biggest event is at the Jardin des Plantes, where a vast programme of events is on offer, including

a nature village (lots to do and see),

– workshops about nocturnal birds of prey,

– shows,


– special events (like the tour to listen to the sounds of the garden),

– guided visits, and

a science bar, with three scientists talking about various scientific subjects.

And if you’re wondering what the weather will be like, we’re expecting between 27°C and 29°C – perfect outdoor weather!

The Fête de la Nature is happening in Paris (and all over France) from 23rd-27th May 2018

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