Codex Urbanus exhibition Subterranean Legends at the Sewer Museum, 2nd-30th June 2018

Get ready for one of the most unusual exhibitions of the year in Paris – street artist Codex Urbanus is showing his weird and wonderful creatures in the Paris sewers of all places (or rather, the Paris Sewer Museum) before it closes for renovation!

The Paris sewers date from the 19th century, and can be visited since 1975. It has to be one of the most unusual attractions that Paris has to offer, even more so with this quirky exhibition, the first that the underground venue has ever held.

Among the works on offer by Codex, you’ll see ten creations painted on old newspaper telling of urban legends. Some of the text will be real, but some is pure fabrication.

He’s also created parts of buildings, as if famous Parisian figures from the past had made themselves secret, hidden lairs in the miles of tunnels.
Exposition Codex Urbanus Légendes souterraines au Musée des égouts du 2 au 30 juin 2018
You’ll also find a homage to Eléonore, the female crocodile that was found in the sewers in 1984, and lots of other little beasts along the way. Keep your eyes peeled to see them all during your visit!

And when the exhibition closes at the end of June, the museum will as well (until 2020). Try and get down there this month then!

The Codex Urbanus exhibition Légendes souterraines is at the Sewer Museum (here) from 2nd-30th June 2018

Open Saturday-Wednesday, 11am-5pm

Admission: 4.40€

Codex Urbanus’ favourite addresses in Paris (in French): here

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