LaPlage de Glazart: clubbing concerts and a beach(!), open until 29th September 2018

Paris’ annual Paris Plages event doesn’t start until 7th July, but the other Parisian beach event is already in full swing!

From Wednesday to Saturday each week until late September, La Plage de Glazart has tons of sand, concerts, outdoor clubbing and – in their ‘off‘ venue, the Jardin 21 just a few minutes away (here) – clothes markets, farmers markets with local vegetable producers, workshops for kids, live DJs…

Do like music, or prefer sitting in a deckchair sipping a drink with your feet in the sand? Well, la Plage de Glazart has all of that and more. It’s like getting out of the city without leaving the city!

As one of the biggest summer events in the Paris calendar for the past few years, it has really taken off sinc the open-air club section opened in 2015.

You’ll be able to enjoy an impeccably selected mix of upcoming French talents (like the slightly bonkers byt fabulous Corine) and international stars like Roy Davis Jr., Terrence Parker and Daniel Wang.

And don’t think that it’s all just boom-boom-boom either! You’ll also find the smokiest dub, sweetest jazz and even a bit of sparkly disco.
LaPlage de Glazart jusqu'au 29 septembre 2018
With larger opening hours (starting at 11am) the event’s garden venue a few minutes away, called Jardin 21, is more family-orientated and relaxing, although no less interesting.

You’ll find organic food, graphic design workshops for kids (or another one about botany), a special sale of honey on 23rd June…

There’s a lot going on at the Plage de Glazart. Go check it out!
LaPlage de Glazart jusqu'au 29 septembre 2018

LaPlage de Glazart (here) is open until 29th September 2018

Exact times and admission prices change depending on the night

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Qui dit nouvelle saison dit nouvelle plage de sable fin … J-1 !! 💛

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