Keep cool in the garden of the Rodin Museum (or other public gardens open 24/7!)

With the heatwave currently hitting Paris, it always a relief to find a cool spot to rest.

The rooms of our hotels all have individual air conditioning of course, but you might also like to find freshness and calms in a place that not many people know or think of.

No, we don’t mean the interior courtyard of the Hotel Baume, of the secret garden of the Hotel and Spa la Belle Juliette! Actually, the amazing spot we’d like to tell you about is the garden of the nearby Rodin Museum.

A lot of people don’t realise that you can take advantage of the garden without having to pay full price for the museum.

Situated just behind the museum, it’s a three-hectare green space with a pond, rose garden, ancient trees (some over a hundred years old), a café and – of course – numerous Rodin sculptures for you to admire.

There are also two themed walks, one on the east and one on the west side of the garden, and a gallery of marble sculptures (presented like an open storage space).

And it’s hear that you’ll find one of Rodin’s most famous pieces, the pensive Thinker!

We visited the recently-renovated Rodin Museum for the blog a while ago. Click here to read the full article.

Restez au frais dans le jardin du Musée Rodin (ou d'autres jardins ouverts 24 heures sur 24 !)

You might also like to know that the Paris city council has opened almost half of the city’s green spaces 24 hours a day (until 2nd September 2018).

Near our hotels you can take advantage of the leafy coolness of the jardin des Grands-Explorateurs (6th arrondissement), the square Boucicaut (7th), the parc Montsouris (14th) and the parc André-Citroën (15th). more info here.

The Rodin Museum and its garden are open every day except Mondays from 10am-5.45pm

Last entry 5.15pm (late night Wednesday opening is currently suspended)

Admission to just the garden: 4€ / 2€

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