The blog’s on holiday – 10/15

Here we are already at the end of the blog’s second week of holidays, and it’s with pleasure that we return to the Hotel les Dames du Panthéon.

One photo on Instagram piqued our interest, with a woman sitting in the lobby of the hotel, looking not particularly happy. We wondered, how did this photo get over 2.000 likes?!

A little investigation was required…

We discovered that the lady in the photo is Indian singer and megastar Sona Mohapatra, and she didn’t post just one photo at the hotel, she posted thirty-six!!!

Cogito Ergo Sum The last of this series. #Portraits from #Paris #Flipbook

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Flat out fabulous, the name of the lip colour. #SelfieKumari #Lips #Love

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Boudoir, Portraits. @ilovepero #Love

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Napoleon Bonaparte decided to convert this former church into a monument dedicated to celebrate the greatest men of the nation, the lettering outside specifically reads; “Aux grands hommes, la patrie reconnaissante.” “To the great men, a grateful fatherland.” This is France’s secular temple to itself. Of the seventy-three people buried in the Panthéon, however, only two are women: Sophie Berthelot, who is there as the wife of the chemist Marcellin Berthelot; and Marie Curie, whose scientific work earned two Nobel Prizes, the President of the Republic makes the selection. The Panthéon’s founders—a group of white men in powdered wigs, as they are depicted in one of the monument’s sculptural groups—believed that the values of the French Revolution were universal. Over the last decade there was a growing consensus in France that that there was a need to panthéonisé a woman. “The Republic will no longer ignore half of its children,” said one report. Simone Veil, the French Holocaust survivor and pioneering political activist, died only recently & French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that Veil will be buried in the historic Panthéon. Veil was a tireless advocate for the legalization of abortion & got the law passes for it despite being in the opposition ranks at that time amongst other achievements. Thank you @cyrtagram , for your love for humanity & such stories. People like you who care make sure that the wounds of the past will heal some day in the future. #ViewFromMyWindow #Pantheon #Woman #HumanRights #Story #Travel #LalPariMastani🔴 in #Paris #History #Architecture #Culture

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My friend @cyrtagram , Cyril is someone I met on a flight to Paris over a decade ago & we have kept in touch & met each other intermittently over the years. What I love about Cyril & what made an instant connect is a shared interest in the socio-political landscape of our world. Cyril is just back from Benin 🇧🇯 in Africa after shooting a web series & had some very interesting stories to share from that land. These included some heart wrenching tales about its history & the slave trade where millions of humans were sent across the seas. He also wore a shirt from there when he came to meet me last evening. That print is very familiar to me because of my years in Nigeria as a child. Human rights have always been a topic of discussion between us as well as culture, concepts & people! More about that later in the posts about the Dames Du Pantheon at the Pantheon, #Paris where I did a Photoshoot #wearing @ilovepero to celebrate #feminity #beauty #womanhood #dames & #change . #LalPariMastani🔴 #Travel #Style #India #Story #Fashion #Friends

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And feel free to do as Sona did and geotag your photos at the Hotel les Dames du Panthéon!

Have a great weekend everyone. See you Monday for the last week of photos taken at our hotels!

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