Charles Aznavour: national homage at Invalides, 5th October 2018

Another classic French singer is gone. Charles Aznavour was known around the world for his singing and acting, and on Friday he will be honoured by a ceremony at Invalides, near our hotels, in the presence of our President Emmanuel Macron.

It seems only yesterday that France mourned the passing of singing legend Johnny Hallyday. In a similar ceremony to the one he was given, this Friday the country will be paying homage to Charles Aznavour at Invalides.

The event starts at 10am, and although the public is not admitted, no doubt fans will converge on the site to say goodbye to their favourite singer.

During the ceremony, Emmanuel Macron will give a speech in front of the celebrity guests and members of the singer’s family.

Later (precise details have not been released), Aznavour’s funeral will be held in Monfort-l’Amaury, just southwest of Paris.

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If you want to support the Aznavour Foundation, which hopes to construct an Aznavour Centre “housing an interactive, technological museum for the legendary artist”, you can do so here.

The national homage to Charles Aznavour is at Les Invalides (here) on 5th October starting 10am

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