Cubism exhibition at the Pompidou Centre until 25th February 2019

The Cubism movement may have only lasted ten years (1907-1917), but it has had a lasting effect on all modern art created since. Now, the Pompidou Centre has a new exhibition about it, with a voluntarily larger remit that includes 300 pieces, and it’s the first French exhibition on the subject for over sixty years!
Exposition Le Cubisme au Centre Pompidou jusqu'au 25 février 2019
When one thinks of Cubism, two names generally come to mind – Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. This new exhibition at the Pompidou Centre attempts to widen the definition to other artists in order to show the inventivity and richness of a movement that is often simply reduced to the geometric transformation of forms.

Presented chronologically in fourteen chapters, the exhibition has pieces lent by over fifty museums from around the world, with works byChagall, Matisse, Mondrian and Duchamp to illustrate the influence of Cubism and the reaction of other artists who did not agree with its precepts.

Linked with the exhibition there are:

– guided visits (some of which are available in French sign language or lip reading),

– workshops for families, and

– the documentary of the exhibition (in French) called  “Picasso, Braque & Cie – la révolution Cubiste”, available to watch online here until 28th November 2018.

Exposition Le Cubisme au Centre Pompidou jusqu'au 25 février 2019
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A catalogue of the exhibition is also available (320 pages, 350 illustrations, 50€ here at

And the museum shop also has some pretty ridiculous related items it wants you to pay too much for, like the cubist iPhone case, a cubist tea towel, cubist coasters, etc. 😩
Catalogue de l'exposition Le Cubisme au Centre Pompidou
The Cubism exhibition is at the Pompidou Centre (here) until 25th February 2019

Open every day except Tuesdays from 11am-9pm (11pm Thursdays)

Admission: 14€ / 11€

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