The Made in France Fair at Paris Expo, 10th – 12th November 2018

We all know that France makes exceptional cheeses and rather nice champagne, but you’d be surprised how many other wonderful things we also produce, including jeans, socks, organic cosmetic products and even bow ties!

At the Made In France fair not far from our hotels, you can get an idea of  everything the French are capable of inventing and producing, with nearly 500 all-French brands showing products that may well surprise you…

You are never going to believe how many wonderful things the French are capable of producing. This year, the Made in France Fair showcases over 450 brands who have developed, imagined, manufactured and marketed, including several items that may surprise you, like:

Chiche, grilled chickpeas to be eaten like crisps

Bob, the eco-friendly, ultra-compact dishwasher

Belt 52‘s woven belts

Ector Sneakers, vegan, eco-friendly trainers made from recycled plastic bottles

Homycat, interior design items for… your cat!

Kupidon, scented socks (we are not even joking)

– and of course, Le Slip Français, a great MIF success with their cool underwear (and more).

Le Slip Français
© Le Slip Français

The fair also hosts a number of conferences about manufacturing in France, how to work with big stores, how to navigate the tax system, etc.

Perhaps this is where you’ll find a really original Christmas present for someone? Entrance is free (if you fill in a form before going), or 10€ on the door (reimbursed after any purchase on-site).

The Made in France Fair is at Paris Expo (here) from 10th-12th November 2018

Open 10am-7pm (opens 9am Monday)

Admission: free here (or 10€ at the door)

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