Thomas Schütte exhibition at the Monnaie de Paris, 15th March – 16th June 2019

The unclassifiable artist Thomas Schütte is the subject of a huge new retrospective at the Monnaie de Paris, close to our hotels.

photos: Anna Wesek

Although his name may not be as well-known as some starts of the art world, his work is idolised by a number of large museums across Europe – Thomas Schütte intrigues and impresses, but explaining his work without seeing it for yourself is a little complicated.

With a presentation of his work from 1982 to the present day, the exhibition divides it into three sections, or rather ‘acts’:

the representation of the human form. Figures of men and women, sometimes monumental in size, sometimes minuscule.

death and its possible representations. Funeral urns, death masks…

architecture. Odd cabins, models…

It’s all a question of size. Get ready to feel tiny, or huge, or possibly both.

Exposition Thomas Schütte à la Monnaie de Paris du 15 mars au 16 juin 2019

For a more in-depth analysis of the artist’s motivations, and explanations of the works on show, a catalogue of the exhibition is available (192 pages, 32€ here at

And don’t forget that we visited the Monnaie de Paris not so long back. You can check out our photo report here.

The exhibition Three Acts by Thomas Schütte is at the Monnaie de Paris (here) from 15th March – 16th June 2019

Opene every day except Mondays from 11am-7pm (9pm Wednesdays)

Admission: 12€ / 8€ (8€ for all on the first Wednesday of the month from 7-9pm)

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