When Fellini dreamt of Picasso exhibition at the Cinémathèque française, 3rd April – 28th July 2019

Paris is overrun with Picasso exhibitions!

The Picasso: blue and rose exhibition near our hotels at the Orsay Museum closed recently, and there’s a Calder-Picasso exhibition currently at the Picasso Museum. In two days’ time, the exhibition Picasso and war opens at the Army Museum, and now there’s a new exhibition at the Cinémathèque called When Fellini dreamt of Picasso, coupled with a retrospective of every film the Italian Maestro ever made.

Funnily enough, a lots of Fellini’s favourite themes were close to those of Picasso: the female figure, myths, fairgrounds…

The filmmaker was in awe of the painter’s work which very much inspired him. This is hardly surprising when you know that Fellini started his career as a cartoonist for the weekly magazine Marc’Aurelio.

The exhibition shows how the virtual presence of Picasso guided the work of Fellini. Apparently, they only actually met in person once, but we know from his journals that Fellini often had vivid dreams about the painter.

Thanks the the Cinémathèque’s unique collection, a selection of photos, posters and archives will be displayed, together with accessories and costumes used in Fellini’s films.

You’ll also be able to discover some rare Fellini drawings, together with other rare articles lent by two of the Maestro’s previous assistants.

There’s a complete retrospective of Fellini’s films to accompany the exhibition, and for Museum Night on 18th May, from 7pm-midnight, there’ll be a special show called ‘fil-fil’ by la Compagnie BAL, together with circus arts workshops and showing of short film on the theme of ‘Parties’, chosen by L’Autre ciné-club. The Cinémathèques permanent collection will also be free to enter that night.

Conferences and guided visits are also on offer, and the exhibition catalogue has just been published too (132 pages, 30€ here at amazon.fr).

Exposition Quand Fellini rêvait de Picasso à la Cinémathèque française du 3 avril au 28 juillet 2019

The exhibition When Fellini dremat of Picasso is at the Cinémathèque française (here) from 3rd April – 28th July 2019

Open every day except Tuesdays from midday to 7pm (11am-8pm weekends, public holidays and during the French school holidays)

Admission: 11€ / 8.50€ (and for 1€ more you can visit the permanent collection too)

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