(E)MOTION installation by Wim Wenders at the Grand Palais, 18th-22nd April 2019

For five evenings, the German film director will be orchestrating a new installation in the vast nave of the Grand Palais using projections. It’s not a video art project, nor an artistic film, but something quite unusual…

And it’s free!

Wenders has composed a brand new collection of sequences taken from his own films so that they can be projected onto the huge space. In all, 12 4K projectors (ultra high definition) will be covering 270° of the interior of the building.

If you’ve ever seen one of Wenders’ films, you’ll almost certainly recognise some of the scenes. Feel free to walk around the huge space (13 500 m²) for different views of the presentation.

While this ostensibly seems like an art project, it’s also a good way for the projector manufacturer – Athem – to up its profile after similar projects at/on the Louvre and Guimet Museum.

Nevertheless, any excuse to get inside the wonderful space that is the nave of the Grand Palais is a good excuse! And this time it’s free! Going down to check it all out seems like a no-brainer…

Installation (E)MOTION de Wim Wenders au Grand Palais du 18 au 22 avril 2019

The installation (E)MOTION by Wim Wenders is at the Grand Palais (here) from 18th-22nd April 2019

Open every night from 9pm-midnight


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