The tragedy of Notre-Dame

Notre-Dame, Paris
photo: JasonW

The whole of Paris is deeply saddened by last night’s fire at Notre-Dame, the most visited monument in Europe, near to our hotels. It’s roof structure dating from 1220 – called “the forest” because of the quantity of wood required – has been destroyed. Its spire dating from 1859 is no more. Luckily, the facade, structure and towers are all safe, and there were no victims.

We pass by Notre-Dame frequently, and not too long ago visited the exhibition of the choir carpet, which is rarely taken out of storage. You can read our article here, and below are two or three photos of the event…

photo: JasonW
photo: JasonW
photo: JasonW
photo: JasonW

There are already ways to contribute to the rebuilding of the cathedral, if you’d like to help. After surviving for 850 years, we look forward to seeing the edifice in all its glory again.

As a side note, we’d like to say that the blog is very attached to Paris’ beautiful churches – the restoration of the Saint-Germain Church has amazed us (articles here and here), we told you about the restored Delacroix paintings in the Saint-Sulpice church (here), and we’ve also visited the churches of Saint-Eugène-Sainte-Cécile, Saint-Étienne-du-Mont et Saint-Eustache.

The loss of Notre-Dame touches us deeply, but we are sure that the world will unite to see it rebuilt in the near future.


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