Lots of new things to see at Versailles!

Reopening of the Queen’s Apartments (after three years of complete renovation), reopening of the Dauphin and the Dauphine’s apartments for the exhibition “A taste of Marie Leszczyńska”, another exhibition “Madame de Maintenon. In the corridors of power”…

There’s a lot to see at Versailles!

The Château de Versailles (super easy to reach from our hotels with a direct train line) always has something new on offer for visitors.

The huge château is constantly being renovated, and now’s a perfect time to go and see the Queen’s Apartments, freshly restored after three years of work.

To get a taste of what awaits you, take a look at the gorgeous photos here.

The Dauphin and Dauphine’s apartment won’t be completed with period furniture until 2020, but they have also just been restored and are now hosting the new exhibition A taste of Marie Leszcyńska.

You’ll be able to learn more about this discrete, little-known queen who nonetheless reigned at Versailles for a record 42 years. 😳

Another new exhibition Madame de Maintenon. In the corridors of power celebrates the tercentenary of her death and recounts her extraordinary after being born in a prison and finally going on to become the Sun King’s wife in 1683.

A lot of beautiful architecture and interesting exhibitions await you in Versailles, not to mention the gardens… Don’t forget to check out how busy the place is before setting off!

Du nouveau à Versailles
© Château de Versailles, Dist. RMN / Christophe Fouin

The Château de Versailles (here) is open every day except Mondays from 9.30am-6pm

Admission: starts at 20€ (details here)

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