The Paris Summer Festival, 12th July – 3rd August 2019

Paris l’été is a refreshingly-different arts festival, with out-of-the ordinary arts events in some unusual places, many of them close to our hotels!

To welcome in the summer, arts festival Paris l’été has three weeks of interesting / slightly bonkers-looking arts events lined up that will entertain you and make the holidays seem that much closer. 🏝

It has to be said, there’s a lot of great stuff happening all over town, especially near us:

— At the Irish Cultural Centre there’s some “fairground theatre” – five nights of a show called Véro 1ère, Reine d’Angleterre promising “outrageous staging”!

— At the Monfort Theatre for eight nights there’s Encantation with Johann Le Guillerm and Alexandre Gauthier (a chef with not one, but two Michelin stars). Together they offer “an unusual and magical dining experience” where you’ll be asked to “taste concepts with the stomach as well as the mind”, OK?

— At the Entrepôt from 26th-28th July, Frédéric Fleischer and Joachim Latarjet will be resurrecting George Romero’s The Night of the Living Dead with their new musical accompaniment.

Festival Paris l'été du 18 juin au 3 août 2019

— At Wanderlust on the banks of the Seine, on 22nd July at 9pm, you can listen to San Salvador, a “radical concert, sung by six voices, twelves hands, two tom-toms and a tambourine” 😳

— At the Monnaie de Paris, acrobat and equilibrist Olivier Debelhoir will be telling some tales in his own inimitable way.

— And every night (it seems) at 166 rue de Tolbiac, Caroline Guiela Nguyen will be performing Mon grand amour, a one-hour show devised with the support of our neighbour, the Odéon Theatre.

And that’s just a quick selection of what’s on nearby (venture farther afield and you’ll be able to see Mozart mixed with hip-hop, an installation made of fire, and more). For the full programme, click here!

The Paris l’Été Festival is on in Paris (and close suburbs) from 12th July – 3rd August 2019

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