The Silent History of the Deaf exhibition at the Pantheon, 19th June – 6th October 2019

Le Pantheon, opposite the Hotel des Grands Hommes and the Hotel les Dames du Panthéon, present its latest temporary exhibition.

L’Histoire silencieuse des Sourds (The Silent History of the Deaf), in partnership with the National Institute for young deaf people and the International Visual Theatre troop tels the story fo deaf people through the ages, with periods of advancement for teaching and intégration, and tells of some famous deaf mutes that you may not know of, such as Jeanne Stuart or the architect Étienne de Fay

Exposition L'Histoire silencieuse des Sourds au Panthéon du 19 juin au 6 octobre 2019

The deaf-mute cause has advanced over the years (and hopefully still does) with some good moments and some setbacks. At the end of the 19th century marriage between deaf people was forbidden, deaf women were forcibly sterilised and sign language was outlawed. It was only in the 1960s and 1970s that things solid advances were made, for example with the official recognition of sign language.

This new exhibition will help you to discover different facets of deaf culture, with numerous documents explaining the history, portraits of the men and women that made a real contribution to having deaf people recognised as proper citizens.

With a sensitive approach, the International Visual Theatre troop – both a theatre, training centre and publishing house – is taking part in the exhibition by creating four video looking back and focusing on deaf history.

Admission to the exhibition is included in the entrance ticket to the monument. Don’t miss it during your visit, and why not go up to see the dome while you’re there?

De la danse contemporaine au Panthéon 11 et 12 mai 2019
photo : Christophe Bielsa

The exhibition L’Histoire silencieuse des Sourds is at the Pantheon (here) from 19th June – 6th October 2019

Open every day from 10am-6.30pm (6pm starting 1st October)

Admission: 9€ / 7€ (with entrance to the monument)

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