The firemen’s balls for Bastille Day 2019 in Paris

In France, Firemen’s balls are a huge tradition for celebrating Bastille Day (14th July), but what you may not know is that all the balls in Paris are actually held on 13th July (last year, there was only one ball on the 14th July, and even that is not being held this year).

There’s another important change to the programme – one of the biggest firemen’s balls on the Left Bank no longer exists, but has been replaced with a brand new one in a space that has never been used for this before…

Les bals des pompiers pour fêter le 14 juillet 2019 à Paris
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If you want to dance with firemen on 13th July 2019, there are five different firmen’s balls being held on the Left Bank near our hotels.

However, you should know that the open air ball that has been held in the Arènes de Lutèce every years for decades is not happening this year. Instead, you might like to try the new ball at the Monnaie de Paris (here), a gorgeous building with a huge courtyard.

Doors open at 9pm and close at 4am (as for all the other balls) anf entrance is of course free (but feel free to put a few coins in the barrel at the entrance).

Here’s our map with the five firemen’s balls that are happening on the Left Bank on 13th July 2019. The Colombier ball is super close…

If you would like to venture beyond the Seine, the Left Bank has nine firmen’s balls on offer for the 13th July 2019. Three of them – rue du Jour (in Les Halles), rue de Sévigné (in the Marais) and Chaligny (12th arrondissement) – are still quite close to our hotels.

Here’s the map of all he firemen’s balls on the Right Bank on 13th July 2019.

Les bals des pompiers pour fêter le 14 juillet 2019 à Paris

The firemen’s balls celebrating Bastille Day 2019 are being held on 13th July, from 9pm-4am

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Les bals des pompiers pour fêter le 14 juillet 2019 à Paris