The blog’s on holiday! 13/14

Wow! It’s already the penultimate day of the blog’s holiday. Not fair!

Today we have a photo by the famous (or soon-to-be-famous), revered (or soon-to-be-revered) and successful (or soon-to-be-penniless) author from New Zealand Sinclair Duddy, taken at the Hotel Design Sorbonne.

What could be more beautiful than waking up in your room, opening the curtains and seeing the Pantheon glisten over the rooftops of the Sorbonne?

Nothing. There, we said it 😜

Feel free to scroll though Sinclair’s Instagram page. She has a, let’s say, ‘eclectic’ selection of photos that will widen your horizons and potentially shock grandmothers…

See you tomorrow for the very last photo of the blog’s holidays!

Hotel Design Sorbonne

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