Open House weekend in Paris, 19th & 20th September 2020

Yes! Les journées du patrimoine (Open House weekend) return with a slightly altered line-up that nevertheless offers hundreds of events in Paris – over 80 just in the 5th & 6th arrondissements near our hotels!

Les Journées du Patrimoine le 19 & 20 septembre 2020

It’s a special weekend – wonderful places in Paris (and all around Europe) that are closed to the public for the rest of the year are open specially, often with guided tours, concerts and other events, and for free!

There’s too much going on in Paris to list it all, but let’s take a look at some highlights close to our hotels.

Les Journées du Patrimoine le 19 & 20 septembre 2020

With 54 events programmed just in the 5th arrondissement, get ready to be exhausted!

— Entrance to the Pantheon will be free, with a concert on Saturday at 4pm

— The Musée de la préfecture de police is free, with special workshopss for families with kids

L’Abbaye royale du val-de-grâce, a beautiful church, is specially open (if you’ve never been in, it’s worth your time)

Le Pavillon Boncourt, (also the le Ministry of Enseignement supérieur) can be visited (the building is very grand), and if we had to choose just one place to go see, it would have to be

La Sorbonne, for its amphitheatre, its architecture, its history…

For the full line-up in the 5th arrondissement, click here.

Les Journées du Patrimoine le 19 & 20 septembre 2020

In the 6th arrondissent there are “only” 23 events on, but some good stuff, especially if you like exquisite places of worship.

The Senate is open to visit (spoiler, it’s amazing)

La librairie des éditeurs associés, a bookshop offering publications by over 40 independent publishers, has guided tours to explain how they’ve been working since 2004

— The Église Saint-Joseph-des-Carmes is open specially

— The Chapelle des sœurs auxiliatrices is worth checking out too

— The little-known Église Saint-Ignace is also open, and let’s not forget the wonderful

Église Saint-Sulpice, with a presentation of Delacroix’s recently-restored paintings, info about the churches organs, an exhibition…

For the full list of what’s happening in the 6th arrondissement, click here.

And if you’re looking for something new, no matter where it is in Paris, click here for a map with all the places participating for the very first time!

The Journées du Patrimoine are happening in Paris (and all over Europe) on 19th & 20th September 2020

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