White Night arts event all night, all over Paris, Saturday 3rd October 2020

The Nuit Blanche (White Night) is back for one night only with cultural events all over Paris, including a dozen or so on the left bank close to our hotels and even a ‘Sculpture / Installation / Video / Exhibition‘ by Vincent Mauger on place du Panthéon, in front of the Hotel des Grands Hommes and Hotel les Dames du Panthéon!

La Nuit Blanche 2020 à Paris, samedi 3 octobre 2020

It’s only once per year, for one night, that Paris becomes awash with extra-special, pop-up cultural events – usually, but not only, installations and performances – often in unusual spaces.

This year, unbelievably, there are just as many events on offer as usual, with quite a few near our hotels:

an installation (sound and video) by Ariane Michel in the courtyard of the Grande Mosquée, on the theme of water,

— an illuminated installation by Otobong Nkanga on the Esplanade Gaston-Monnerville, with poems engraved on plates of glass,

— an installation by Laurent Grasso at the Musée Zadkine (to be booked in advance),

— luminous installations by Boris Achour and Laure Prouvost opposite each other on boulevard Edgar Quinet,

— installations from Anne-Charlotte Finel at the Bourdelle Museum (to be booked in advance)…

— near the Eiffel Tower, at the Embassy of the Czech Republic, you can see a video and performance by Brigita Zrustova projecyed onto the building’s façade (also broadcast live at 8pm here on Instagram),

— at the Collège des Bernardins there’s a musical installation called Electronica with thirteen electronic music classics, from Messiaen to Stockhausen,

Les Voix de l’Eau de Là awiat you at the Czech Cultural Centre, a visual and audio installation by the Résonances lyriques ensemble,

— and on Place du Panthéon (our stomping ground!), Vincent Mauger will be showing off an 4D model and a sculpture under the titel Unité de base et kit d’expansion (base unit and expansion kit). more info here.

And that’s just a taste of what’s on offer for this crazy night!

For the map of all events and full details of the programme complet, head over to the event’s website: nuitblanche.paris

La Nuit Blanche 2020 à Paris, samedi 3 octobre 2020

The 2020 Nuit Blanche is happening in Paris during the night of Staurday 3rd October

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