Gallery Night, 22nd October 2020

Even the cancelled FIAC and a curfew can’t stop Gallery Night from happening!

However, the event becomes the shortest in recent memory – just four hours, albeit intense ones, with around twenty galleries participating close to our hotels!

Paris is still a hive of activity and culture, with loads of great new exhibitions opening, and now Gallery Night, in a special super-short limited edition this year.

This event is happening all over town, but just near our hotels there’s plenty to see, including:

— Ulrike Ottinger, Aller toujours retour at the Eric Mouchet Gallery, linking up her first film from 1979 and her latest one Paris Caligramme, which won the 2020 Berlinale Camera,

© Ulrike Ottinger

— an exhibition by Mohamed Bourouissa, Brutal Family Roots at the Kamel Mennour Gallery,

La Nocturne des Galeries le 22 octobre 2020
© Mohamed Bourouissa / Kamel Mennour

Snake Paintings by Jessica Warboys at the Gaudel de Stampa Gallery

© Jessica Warboys

— Similitude(s) by Pierre Charpin at the kreo Gallery,

— the opening of Butterfly Divinities by Philippe Mayaux at the Loevenbruck Gallery,

La Nocturne des Galeries le 22 octobre 2020
© Philippe Mayaux

Le Corbusier and the Age of Purism at the Zlotowski Gallery…

La Nocturne des Galeries le 22 octobre 2020

And that’s just a quick selection. To check out all the participating galleries, click on the interactive map at the top of this article. The full list of artists ans exhibitions can also be found here.

Gallery Night is happening in Paris on 22nd October 2020

Open from 4-8pm


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