Museum Night 2020, 14th November, online #NuitDesMuséesChezNous

Pushed back from the spring, when we thought the pandemic would be long gone by summer, Museum Night will finally be held this Saturday, but differently – solely online. Which means you can see all the special events without leaving your room!

Affiche pour La Nuit des Musées 2020 le 14 novembre, en ligne

This year, there’s no need to run all over town and queue for hours to see what the city’s museums have on offer for Museum Night (la Nuit des Musées). Instead, just go to the official website and choose from a number of virtual events – videos, live concerts, guided visits…

Taking a look at the museums close to our hotels, the special events on offer include:

The Museum of the Liberation de Paris – Musée du général Leclerc-musée Jean Moulin

This brand new museum about the liberation of Paris after the Second World War has a selection of audio excerpts that you can listen to below (as long as you speak decent French).

The Bourdelle Museum

There a concert entitled Nuit d’étoiles, arabesques et fumée with mezzo-soprano Lucie Edel and harpist Julien Marcou, to watch below, live, starting 7pm (don’t be late – the concert only lasts 16 minutes!)

The Musée de minéralogie Mines ParisTech

Eleven virtual guided visits are available to watch (below), with subjects ranging from the exhibits to the history of the (beautiful) building.

The Eugène-Delacroix Museum

A selection of the museum’s most prestigious works can be viewed online, in HD so you can see the details up close!

La Nuit des Musées 2020 le 14 novembre, en ligne

The Musée Rodin

A webseries called Rodin, up & downs is available in 40(!) bite-size episodes, written in the style of a quirky personal diary. You can read it online here.

La Nuit des Musées 2020 le 14 novembre, en ligne

The Post Office Museum

A video guided visit (embedded below) of their exhibition Rêver l’Univers, with comments from the curators.

More museums on the other side of the Seine are also taking part of course. For the full programmation, click here.

Museum Night (La Nuit des Musées) 2020 – #NuitDesMuséesChezNous – is happening online on Saturday 14th November

Programme for Paris here

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