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Find our hotels super simply with What3Words

What3Words is a website and free app for iOS and Android which will make your life simpler. It’s a bit like Google Maps but a lot smarter. Allow us to explain…

Imagine that you’re in Paris and you have to meet up with friends in the Jardin du Luxembourg. Google Maps will tell you where the garden is, but not where your friends are. It’s a big park!

With Google Maps, if you decide to meet near the beehives that are in the garden, you could tell your pals that you are at 48°50’42.1″N 2°20’00.5″E or GPS coordinates 48.845017, 2.333477, or “enter the park on rue Guynemer, then turn left and then take the next left again”.

With What3Words, all you need is three words, for example (in this case) supper.avoiding.playoffs. All you have to do is type these three words into the app, with a full stop between them, and it will show you the exact spot you need to get to. You can also just say them to the app and it will understand – super simple.

Trouver nos hôtels devient ultra simple avec What3Words

Even better, the app (or the website) will offer to show you how to get to your destination with Citymapper, Google Maps, Waze, Bing Maps and more (depending on what you have installed on your smartphone). If you’re on foot, you can even choose a compass that shows you the direction to follow and remaining distance.

The app can be really handy in a city you don’t know well. For example, Google Maps can tell you where the Maison Européenne de la Photographie is, but shows it in the middle of other buildings. What3Words can tell you the exact location of the entrance, which is at

Trouver nos hôtels devient ultra simple avec What3Words
Google Maps
Trouver nos hôtels devient ultra simple avec What3Words
What3Words, avec un choix d’apps pour vous y amener

And this is partly why What3Words is great for our hotels. La Belle Juliette is at 92 rue du Cherche-Midi, but if you are coming by taxi the driver may not know where number 92 is exactly, or whether the entrance to the hotels is at the left or right side of the building.

With What3Words and you can’t go wrong. And if the taxi is a Mercedes, there’s a high chance that What3Words is already integrated with its GPS – the driver can enter the three words directly.

We even have a link you can use to see all our hotels on a map and get to them hassle-free. Just click here.

Trouver nos hôtels devient ultra simple avec What3Words

And another plus – What3Words is available in 48 languages! If you only speak Russian of Japanese, the app will show you necessary words in your language so you can understand.

For example, here are the What3Words addresses for our hotels in French, English, Spanish and Japanese:

Hotel & Spa la Belle Juliette

hautbois.brisons.rebord / /

animan.fiambre.gatear / ぜんまい。たのしい。はつみみ

Hotel les Dames du Panthéon

éolien.inventons.déposons / amuse.huddled.appear /

folleto.sueldo.formaba / とげとげ。あとりえ。ほしがた

Hotel Baume

déplier.sommeil.rebeller / rings.fend.kitchens /

coto.repleto.bajan / せっとく。あきる。なまえ

Hotel Design Sorbonne

bourse.jaloux.dortoir / enlarge.snake.owners /

suertes.compás.textil / とびら。ふうりん。ちゅうもん

Hotel des Grands Hommes

décorons.évaluer.remplir / region.outings.lobby /

falte.climas.apoyados / しょうじき。しゅだん。くさはら

And on the blog, every article about an exhibition or event includes the What3Words address for it so you’ll be able to get there really easily!

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