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Ready to open in Paris – l’Hôtel de la Marine

Despite its name, the Hôtel de la Marine is not a hotel. The vast building on the edge of place de la Concorde dates back to 1774 and was occupied for ove two centuries by the administration of France’s navy.

Now, the completely restored site awaits just the end of lockdown to show its sumptuous spaces to the public. Here’s a quick look of what awaits you.

Ready to open in Paris - l'Hôtel de la Marine

The Centre des monuments nationaux (the government organisation that looks after many of the country’s greatest monuments) is having a great time teasing the opening of the Hôtel de la Marine with some short videos (less than 90 seconds) explaining the history of place de la Concorde, talking about fashion in the 18th century and shwing a very special piece of furniture that is finally being returned to its place in the former bedroom of Pierre-Élisabeth de Fontanieu.

(The videos are all in French, but it’s easy to get the gist)

Other videos concentrate more on the meticulous restoration that has been conducted, and the specific challenges faced.

It looks like everything has been restored: the furniture, the fabrics, the woodwork…

And a cinema-style trailer promises that the building will open ‘in a few weeks’. We hope they’re right!

The building’s Instagram page already has a lot of lush photos…

And the YouTube channel of VisitParisRegion has around ten video about the place, its history and importance. You can check them out here.

And while we wait for the building to be able to open, you can read more on the website about its history, the restoration process, life in the 18th century

And in addition to all the gorgeous rooms to visit, there will also be a cafe, a bookshop (of course) and a restaurant helmed by Micheline-starred chef Jean-François Piège. A first-floor bar will also offer an incredible view of the place de la Concorde late into the night.

So, a place to visit in the day and enjoy at night, and another great reason to return to Paris!

The Hôtel de la Marine (here) is ready to open

Open (after lockdown ends) every day from 10.30am-7pm (10pm Fridays)

Admission: 17€ for the full tour (90 mins.) or 13€ for just the rooms and loggia (45 mins.)

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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