The 2021 Nature Festival 19th-23rd May

The Nature Festival is back with over a thousand events happening all over France and several events you shouldn’t miss close to our hotels.

Cancelled last year, the Nature Festival – the biggest of its kind in France – is back with a new theme, “A travers mille et un regards” which means something like “A thousand different approaches”, their way of showcasing the many different ways of preserving biodiversity.

Each event will be held in small groups to make things safe, and there are several propositions close to our hotels.

In the Jardin de Plantes, a poetic guided walk is happening on 22nd May from 4-5pm. As you are taken through the gardens, poets will recite, read and sing nature-themed poems. More info here.

In the jardin du Château ouvrier in the 14th arrondissement, on the afternoon of 21st May, you can discover the seeds of heirloom cereals, presented by the non-profit group Les Graines de Noé.

The garden has many examples of heirloom cereals growing that you can check out, and they’ll happily teach you how to preserve your seeds and grow them successfully.

There’s even a seed swap on offer! More info here.

The 2021 Nature Festival 19th-23rd May

And in the garden of the Institut national de jeunes sourds de Paris (Paris National Institute for Young Deaf People) you can follow a ‘biodiversity trail’ with bee hives, nesting boxes…

Take a look at their interactive website here for more info on each of the fifteen points of interest (click the names below the plan).

All the other info you need about the even can be found here.

La Fête de la Nature 2021 du 19 au 23 mai

The Festival continues in other spaces in Paris and beyond. Go to the event’s website for the full programme.

The Nature Festival runs from 19th-23rd May 2021 in Paris and all over France

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