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The Eiffel Tower reopens 16th July 2021

For many, the Eiffel Tower (not far from our hotels) is the symbol of France. For it to reopen sends a strong message that the worst is behind us and summer is on the way!

Also, as a bonus, there’s a special event happening nearby, thanks to street artist JR…

After being closed since 30th October 2020, the Eiffel Tower is set to reopen on 16th July 2021, and the first few months are probably the best time to visit – instead of 25,000 people per day, initially only 10,000 visitors will be allowed, meaning you’ll have more than double the space up there, great photo ops and, of course, uninterrupted spectacular views.

Before 16th July though, you might like to pop down to Trocadéro that overlooks the tower, and see JR’s street art installation which makes it look like a canyon runs underneath the the famous monument.

It’s perfect for an Instagram shot – imagine the Eiffel Tower teetering between two cliffs, with Paris hundreds of metres below!

Don’t wait too long before making a visit though – the installation is only in place until mid-June. ET make sure you take your photo from the designated spot, otherwise it will just look like a black and white mess!

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