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The Hotel de la Marine is open!

At last! This incredible building, closed to the public for over two centuries, is reopening as a sort of Versailles in Paris, with 18th century apartments dressed with period furniture to show how life was for the rich back then…

This may be the biggest cultural opening in the past ten years in Paris, and the wait has been a long one (check out our previous article on the subject for more details), with not many details to go on.

Finally though, we know more about visiting the Hôtel de la Marine, like how you’ll be accompanied by ‘le Confident‘, cordless headphones (developed with the aid of French national radio) that will give details on each room and its objects throughout your visit.

We also know that the bookshop (or as they call it, a “cultural concept store“) is already open, but you’ll have to wait a few more months for the café, restaurant and arrival of the Al Thani collection, an exceptional group of pieces covering a long period from ancient times to the present day. The first exhibition – Treasure of the Al Thani Collection – is due to open this autumn, and there’s a website if you want more details.

Ouverture de l'Hôtel de la Marine le 12 juin 2021

For more info about the Hôtel de la Marine, whose restoration took 4 years and employed over 1,000 people with fifty different specialities, click here.

The Hôtel de la Marine (here) is now open!

Open every days from 10.30am-7pm (10pm Fridays)

Admission: 17€ for the full tour (90 mins.) or 13€ for a partial tour (45 mins.)

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