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Paris Gay Pride 26th June 2021

The Marche des Fiertés LGBTQIA+ – or more simply, Gay Pride – is a little different this year, with a parade starting in the suburbs (don’t worry, there’s a metro station), no sound systems and no giant stage show at the end.

There’s still plenty to look forward to though…

La Marche des Fiertés 2021 à Paris le 26 juin
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Gay Pride has had to adapt in order to be held in 2021, but the organisers (the Inter-LGBT) are still expecting a huge crowd ready to shout and have fun after months of reduced movement and curfews!

There will be no lorries with sound systems this year, but everyone is free to bring along a banner featuring their slogan of choice. The organisers say that the current French government is more talk than action, and this year’s official chant is:

Plus de droits, moins de bla-bla, trop de promesses, on régresse !

(More rights, less talk, too many promises, things are going backwards!)

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The parade is starting in the suburbs (just outside the city limits) for the first time ever, at metro station Église de Pantin on line 5, around 30 minutes from our hotels.

You’re advised to turn up at 1.30pm in order for everyone to set off at 3pm. However, you’re free to arrive even earlier and take advantage of the ‘Pride Village’ that opens at 10am with LGBTQIA+ groups, special events and even COVID tests (if you’re covered by the French health system, bring your Carte Vitale).

Lots of other events are on offer around town for the Quinzaine des Fiertés that continues until 3rd July 2021. You’ll find all the info here.

La Marche des Fiertés 2021 à Paris le 26 juin
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As for the route of the parade, it’s super-simple : straight on until avenue Magenta, then turn left to get to place de la République. The first people should be arriving there around 6.30pm.

La Marche des Fiertés 2021 à Paris le 26 juin
La Marche des Fiertés 2021 à Paris le 26 juin

Happy 2021 Paris Gay Pride to everyone!

The 2021 Marche des Fiertés / Gay Pride is happening in Paris on 26th June

Starts at Église de Pantin (here) at 3pm

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