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Par Nature – new limited-edition macarons from master cake-maker Pierre Hermé

If you like smart cakes with delicate and surprising tastes, you probably know of Pierre Hermé. This master cake-maker now has boutiques across the world, but he started out on the Left Bank of Paris, very close to our hotels, where he continues to own two luxury cake shops, three cafés and the only Pierre Hermé café-restaurant in the world!

His success is partly due to his delicious macarons – there are dozens of flavours available and additional seasonal collections like the particularly delicious-looking Par Nature collection available 30th August 2021 for two months only.

The theme is obviously very green, with some daring flavour combinations offering “a herbaceous, floral and fruity experience based on new tastes and sensations: mint, pine buds and thorns, Pecan nuts, Acai, Physalis, verbena, fig, rocket, cucumber, blackcurrant bud, sage, lovage, coriander“…

Par Nature - new limited-edition macarons from master cake-maker Pierre Hermé

It’s time to get back to ‘nature’ with the Pierre Hermé macarons Par Nature, a collection of ten limited-edition macarons with astonishing tastes.

Being launched at the end of August, over half of the collection is based on the idea of a garden:

Garden in Bourgogne (blackcurrant ganache, pepper and jam),

Prairie Garden (mead whort cream and wild Corsican honey),

Market Garden (apple, mint, cucumber, rocket cream),

Garden of Eden (Tahiti, Madagascar and Mexico vanilla cream, basil cream),

Wild Garden (Madagascar chocolate ganache, and lime), and

Amazonian Garden (banana and Brazilian organic acai berry ganache)

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The other macarons in the collection gave slightly simpler compositions, while still remaining ‘infinitely’ tasy:

Infinitely fig (fig cream, fig jam and fig leaf),

Infinitely verbena (verbena cream with a touch of lemon),

Infinitely pecan nut (lightly roasted pecan nut cream), and

Caged Love (Columbian physalis cream)

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Each macaron in the Par Nature collection costs 2.50€ and you can buy them directly in store, order online and pick up your order at the boutique of your choice, or have it delivered free by courrier in Paris (for orders over 70€!

And if you can’t wait until the end of August to taste this new collection, the one currently in place for summer 2021 looks pretty yummy too: orange blossom, black sesame, strawberry and strawberry confit, Yuzu, raspberry and matcha green tea, passion fruit, rhubarb and strawberry, pistachio and raspberry, yoghurt and lime, cherry blossom…

Here are the Pierre Hermé stores on the Left Bank. The click & collect is available at rue de Vaugirard, rue Bonaparte and Beaupassage.

The Par Nature collection of macarons by Pierre Hermé is available from 30th August – 31st October 2021

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