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Free entrance to the Pantheon on 4th/5th December 2021, nocturnal visits, a Sting concert…

As you may have seen, the Pantheon – opposite the Hotel des Grands Hommes and Hotel les Dames du Panthéon – has just received the remains of Joséphine Baker.

If you’d like to visit, the monument is free to enter this weekend, but there’s also a lot happening throughout December…

If you’re on a budget, this may be the best weekend to visit the Pantheon as admission is free (from 10am-6pm), but keep in mind that the monument also has a lot on offer until the end the year, with numerous interesting events planned.

First of all, if you want a sneak peak of the monument’s beautiful interior before visiting, we suggest you watch this atmospheric mini-concert recently recorded there by Sting. It’s extremely well staged (Foucault’s pendulum!) and filmed, and really captures the hushed atmosphere of the place.

The concert shows how special it must be to experience the Pantheon at night. Well you’re in luck – you’ll be able to do just that every Wednesday (except the 22nd and 29th December) starting 8th December 2021, with the fifth edition of La Nuit au Panthéon, which continues until 9th February 2022.

You’ll be able to spend 90 minutes exploring the nave, crypt and other rooms by flashlight. Magical! Entrance is 14.50€ and visits happen every 15 minutes. Book here.

La Nuit au Panthéon 2021/2022

Another event: from 21st-23rd December, a show entitled “L’Épopée du Lion” is being put on at 11am and 3pm with actor Germain Nayl and violinist Claire Van Rhijn from the Le Théâtre de Pan company.

Inspired by L’art d’être grand-père published by Victor Hugo in 1877, the show – a “deliciously epic adventure that inexorably leads to a moment of grace” – last an hour, and your ticket (13€ / 8€) aslo includes a 45-minute guided tour of the monument!

Book your ticket here.

Spectacle "L’Épopée du Lion" au Panthéon

And at the end of the month, on 28th & 29th December at 2.30pm, the monument has a special 90-minute guided visit on offer called Une enquête au Panthéon (An investigation at the Pantheon).

With the help of your guide and a book for kids to fill in, you’ll have to investigate and discover adventures through history to reveal the true identity of the illustrious but anonymous guide accompanying throughout the visit.

Tickets (13€ / 8€) can be booked here.

Enquête au Panthéon

And finally, the temporary exhibition Un combat capital, which looks back at the abolition of the death penalty in France, is in place for a few more weeks, until 9th January 2022. Another reason to visit…

Exposition temporaire au Panthéon, Un combat capital

Don’t forget to book your room at the Hotel des Grands Hommes, Hotel les Dames du Panthéon or one of our other gorgeous hotels in the area in order to make the most of everything on offer at the Pantheon!

The Pantheon (here) is open every day of the week from 10am-6pm

Admission: 11.50€

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