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The Cluny Museum reopens, completely renovated

It’s probably the most important museum about the Middle Ages in the world, and is very special to us because it’s just minutes away from the Hotel Design Sorbonne and Hotel Baume – the Cluny Museum, the national museum of the middle Ages has just reopened after eleven years of renovation(!), with a new layout and presentation, a new entrance, and (finally) wheelchair access for every single room.

The Middle Ages, brand new!

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There have been a lot of changes for our neighbour the Cluny Museum in the past few years, the most visible one probably being the brand new entrance building, which is bigger, simpler to access and visible from boulevard Saint-Michel.

The museums hadn’t been renovated since after the Second World War, and because the building is an historic monument, it wasn’t easy to bring everything up to today’s standards, like the electricity installation, fire escapes and wheelchair access – because the museum is spread over several buildings, there are 27 differences of level!

Now we understand why the work took so long.

The presentation has completely changed too. Gone are the themed rooms – a chronological presentation takes their place, with more space for each exhibit and – NEW! – all the information and signage translated into English and Spanish!

Réouverture du Musée de Cluny, fraîchement rénové
© Alexis Paoli, OPPIC

The museum is eager to dust off its image and change the way people see the Middle Ages. For example, you can now choose a guided visit ‘for the senses’, or a ‘danced guided visit’. There are also new workshops held in languages other than French, which is great news for anyone visiting out lovely city from abroad!

Also new – a whole floor of the museum dedicated to war in the Middle Ages, 500 pieces from the collection have been restored while building was going on, there are special spaces focusing on Notre-Dame and the Sainte-Chapelle, another for the beautiful enamel work from around Limoges…

And of course, the Lady and the Unicorn still await visitors at the end of their visit, in a newly-darkened room to really bring the colour in the tapestries to life. Also, new seating in the centre of the room allows you take in every detail in comfort, finally!

Réouverture du Musée de Cluny, fraîchement rénové
© Alexis Paoli, OPPIC

We’ll be visiting the completely renovated museum for you very soon. Its collections are priceless and unrivalled in the world, and now that the museum has total wheelchair access and special equipment for both the hearing- and vision-impaired, Cluny really is a museum for everyone!

The Cluny Museum (Musée de Cluny, musée nationale du Moyen Âge) (here) is open every day except Mondays from 9.30am – 6.15pm (last ticket at 5.30pm)

Late night opening the first and third Thursday of the month from 6.15-9pm (last ticket at 8.30pm). Admission 10€ for all

Admission : 12€ / 10€

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