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Gay Pride 2022 in Paris – 25th June

After last year’s slightly odd Gay Pride march that started off in the suburbs, had no floats and arrived in town with no celebration, this year the Marche des Fiertés LGBTQIA+ returns to a more standard format, with a marche starting in the southeast of the city (here) and going to République via Bastille, with a big stage at the end featuring DJs, live groups and drag queens from 5-10.30pm!

La Marche des Fiertés 2022 à Paris le 25 juin

Paris Gay Pride is always a good party, but there the event also has its serious side of social demands, and this year’s slogan is pretty direct – Nos corps, nos droits, vos gueules ! Which translates more or less to “Our bodies, our rights, and don’t tell us otherwise!”

French speakers can read the full 1000-word text explaining the reasoning behind this here.

La Marche des Fiertés 2022 à Paris le 25 juin
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The 2022 march will start at metro station Michel Bizot at 2pm, swing by Bastille then head up to place de la République.

This is where the main stage of the event is situated. Starting at 5pm you’ll be able to dance to DJs like Jennifer Cardini (as well as four others), sing along with some groupes, watch a drag show (Drag Race France’s first episode airs the same day). There will also be speeches from activists, and we’re even promised ‘surprise guests’!

All the info (in French) can be found here for the march and here for the line-up at République.

And after all that fun, several club nights are on offer, including the bonkers-looking Cocotte Club x Spielraum : Pride Edition 2022 at La Machine. Tickets are on sale here.

Happy Paris Gay Pride 2022 to everyone!

Paris Gay Pride 2022 is on 25th June

Starts at metro Michel Bizot (here) at 2pm

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