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Keep cool in Paris in one of the many parks open until midnight, or all night!

Paris is expecting a heatwave, with temperatures up to 39°C! 😳. All the rooms in our hotels have individual air conditioning, but chances are you’re not going to stay in your room all day!

We suggest you cool down in one of the many cooler spots around the city – 140 parks and gardens are open 24 hours a day, and the city council is opening 14 more for summer, and six more on top of that because it’s so darn hot!…

© Guillaume Bontemps / Ville de Paris

It’s in the evening and at night that temperatures come down to more comfortable levels, and Paris’ parks, garden and squares are the coolest places you’ll find. Until 4th September 2022, many of the city’s green spaces are opening specially late so you can make the most of them.

Near our hotels, there’s lots of choice of great parks – Parc Montsouris, the Esplanade at Invalides, the Champs-de-Mars just behind the Eiffel Tower (so chic!), the Grands Explorateurs garden (at the north end of the Luxembourg Garden) and the Georges Brassens park.

And it’s not just the big parks that are being kept open late – a lot of little squares that would usually be closed in the evening will be yours to enjoy until late.

There’s a great map created by the city council that you can check out here, showing not only the green spaces available, but also other public places to keep cool in – swimming pools, air-conditioned libraries, museums, town halls, churches and ‘Oasis courtyards‘, school courtyards open to all.

Below you’ll find our map of the main green spaces open late during this period of extreme heat. ⤵️

The Paris City Council map of every single cool place in the city is here.

And you’ll find the weather forecast for Paris here!