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The May Art Fair 2009
11th – 17th November January May
3rd April 2009

In this sweet little art fair for painters, photographers, sculptors etc. you might well come across our friend Yury Toroptsov...

Villette Sonique Festival 2009
27th – 31st May
2nd April 2009

An astutely-programmed part-outdoors electronic and rock music festival! photo : ciaba., used under cc licence (more…)

Court Pomp and Royal Ceremony,
an exhibition at the Château de Versailles
1st April 2009

Court Dress in Europe, 1650-1800, with over 200 exhibits (dress, jewels, pictures)... photo by skywaaker uses under cc licence (more…)

The Museum Night 2009 in Paris
Saturday 16th May
31st March 2009

Paris has the White Night event in the autumn and Museum Night in the spring. Both are nocturnal (duh!), both...

Blue Note Records Festival 2009 – 30th March – 16th April 2009
25th March 2009

The label is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, and some would say that their best artists are all dead,...

“Giotto – Francis, radiant humility” an exhibition at the Val-de-Grâce church (a simply amazing venue)
24th March 2009

It's not often that the Val-de-Grâce church is open to the public (it's actually a military church usually reserved for...

Filippo and Filippino Lippi – The Renaissance in Prato, an exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris
19th March 2009

Filippo Lippi (Florence, c.1406-Spolète, 1469) and his son Filippino (Prato,c.1457-Florence,1504) figure amongst the most respected artists of Prato (in Tuscany,...

Barbie’s 50th Birthday at the Paris Doll Museum (and Galeries Lafayette, and Colette…)
18th March 2009

Barbiemania is coming to Paris. If you're a fan of the popular doll, you are going to love Paris this...

The Jazz Century, an exhibition at the Musée Quai Branly
17th March 2009

Paris has a strong historical link with jazz (especially the Left Bank, I would be tempted to say). One of...

Large Kandinsky exhibition at the Pompidou Centre
16th March 2009

Vassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow in 1866 and died a French citizen just outside Paris in Neuilly-sur Seine in...

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