Paris on foot

Flower market on Ile de la Cité in the 4th Arrondissement in Paris
9 February 2007

Markets belong to French way of life. Let's have a look to a famous one in the heart of Paris....

Picnic in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris
27 June 2006

Looking for some calm in the city… (more…)

URBAN DISCOVERY WALKS, Belleville, ça se visite. Let’s wander within the Parisian districts.
26 June 2006

Discover the vibrant ‘quartiers’ of the outskirts of Paris with "ça se visite". Meet the locals, eager to share the...

Festival Voix sur Berges the 25 June 2006 on the Canal St Martin banks
5 June 2006

Prepare your pick nick …and sometimes your earplugs? (more…)

Virtual tour of the Paris Hôtel de Ville (City Hall)
20 March 2006

The "Hôtel de Ville" (City Hall) is more than an administrative building or a subway station name... (more…)

Paris makes entrance free to more parks and gardens
17 March 2006

Springtime in Paris.... (more…) : Cemetery’s virtualtour
8 March 2006

Prepare your visit to see Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Yves Montand.... (more…)

"Ca se visite !" a different vision of Paris
29 December 2005

An interesting idea... (more…)