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The fountain at Saint-Sulpice gets a major cleanup – the photos and the film!
20th February 2008

Although the nearby church is still being restored, the newly-cleaned fountain was unveiled on 13th February 2008photo : jasonw (more…)

It’s official: we are chic and intimate
15th February 2008

The Hôtel des Grands Hommes is featured in a new book about Paris' loveliest hotels... (more…)

Paris buses drive into the 21st Century
1st February 2008

OK, technically speaking, Paris buses are already in the 21st Century. Isn't it funny how 'space age', 'the year 2000'...

Mysterious photographer Bart Omeo is back
31st January 2008

We hadn't heard much from Bart Omeo since he 'disappeared' at the Hôtel Jardin de l'Odéon in August 2006, but...

The Silence of the Bees – a bee movie with a difference
23rd January 2008

Never been to the Géode? No idea what I'm talking about? Read on...photo by Jude (more…)

Fashion and Minnie Mouse at Galeries Lafayette
15th January 2008

For Mickey Mouse's 80th birthday, 80 fashion designers are let loose on his girlfriend... (more…)

Daniel Buren sculpture in Palais Royal is victim of "State vandalism"
10th January 2008

The creator of the controversial artwork says it should be "restored or demolished"...photo (c) french irish (more…)

Goodbye 2007
31st December 2007

The blog's on remote control for a couple of days (back properly 2nd January 2008), so this is our last...

The Hôtels Paris Rive Gauche group supports the creation of the "Maison de Bellefontaine" and the "Coeur de Femmes" association
27th December 2007

We'd like to tell you about a project that we feel strongly about... (more…)

Great news for non-smokers coming to Paris
26th December 2007

Paris may be burning, but she's smoking less and less; a new law that comes into effect on 1st January...