Our favourite things

Cyrano de Bergerac and the empires of the sun,
a show (with fireworks!) at Versailles
at the end of August/beginning of September 2009
19th August 2009

Created by Groupe F, the artists behind the year 2000 firework display at the Eiffel Tower, this interpretation of a...

The 2009 Ganesh Festival in Paris, 30th August
12th August 2009

We are mad fans of this eye-popping joyous event. Don't miss it or Ganesh will be a most unhappy man/elephant!...

2009 Techno Parade in Paris, 19th September
10th August 2009

If you are anywhere near the route of the Techo Parade on 19th September you won't miss it: hundreds of...

Du pain et des idées (Bread and Ideas) :
an amazing boulangerie that lives up to its name
5th August 2009

We've already raved about this great place (here), winner of the distinguished Gault & Millau prize for the best boulangerie...

We’ve closed the Hôtel Ferrandi… for a year!
16th July 2009

The last guests left yesterday and the sold furniture was picked up today. So, what's it like inside an empty...

The Paris firemen’s balls for Bastille Day 2015
6th July 2009

All the details, venue by venue, and all the new stuff for 2009! Where is the first Parisian firemen's ball...

Furniture, objects & prints sale at the Ferrandi Saint Germain
30th June 2009

The Hôtel Ferrandi is to undergo a complete transformation in order to become a luxury hotel. On the 15th July...

The 3rd annual prize for our photo project
“A Hotel Photo, An Artist’s View”

For the second year running, the private showing and prize-giving ceremony will be held at the prestigious Odéon Théâtre de...

The ephemeral garden at Hôtel de Ville
our photos ! (pt. 2)
26th June 2009

As promised, some more photos of the surprising temporary garden set up in front of Hôtel de Ville, and the...

The ephemeral garden at Hôtel de Ville
our photos ! (pt. 1)
25th June 2009

The blog writers are away for a long weekend, but in the meantime have a look at a few of...