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Bees and honey!

J-17 before the Hotels Paris Rive Gauche honey crop (Miel des Hôtels Paris Rive Gauche) at the Eiffel Park Hotel.
25th August 2006

The 11th September 2006 is expected to be a holy day for all greedy people in search of strong gustatory...

Beehives with a view !
27th June 2006

Is it a E.M. Forster* forgotten novel ? (more…)

Paris bees: a true love story! The pictures…
26th June 2006

Hotels Paris Rive Gauche take pictures of their successful stars: the Eiffel Park Hotel bees... (more…)

New episode of Paris bees saga: searching for the lost queen bee!
15th June 2006

Because of a new queen competitor, the present one must be found. (more…)

Increasing comings and goings of our bees in Paris.

Our bees enjoy spending time on the Eiffel Park Hôtel roof. There are more and more numerous. There are busy...

Hôtels Paris Rive Gauche have already tasted honey from the Eiffel Park Hotel beehives.

The collect of our honey will occur in September but temptation was too strong not to taste it before. (more…)

Our bees are cold…
2nd June 2006

But we have seen their landing-strip. We have made a movie about our bees Wednesday 30 May 2006. They were...

Beehives on the roof of the Eiffel Park Hotel
24th May 2006

A colony of bees next to the Eiffel Tower! (more…)

Michèle and Armand: beekeepers in Paris

A Sunday afternoon with the bees (more…)

How well do you know bees?

With Michèle et Armand’s help, you’ll be getting to know, and hopefully love, them… (more…)