January 2007: Hotels Paris Rive Gauche would like to introduce
25th January 2007

Cyril Perrin What if the Hôtel Jardin de l'Odéon had been affected by some strange power? After having one photographer...

Hotels Paris Rive Gauche introduce their new photographer 2007 "Hotels Paris Rive Gauche like photography"
9th January 2007

Freeze-frame on our photographers 2007 for the project "Hotels Paris Rive Gauche like photography": a nignt in one hotel, a...

December 2006: Hotels Paris Rive Gauche would like to introduce
5th December 2006

Eugène Boischarbon A photographer and his double. Looking at Eugène Boischarbon's photo, inspired by his night at the Jardin De...

Hotels Paris Rive Gauche introduce the photographer Yury Toroptsov
28th November 2006

Yury Toroptsov highlights our charming hotels thanks to his detailed pictures. We also invite you to discover his inventive project...

"Freddie and the chocolate factory" exhibition at the Galerie Philippe Chaume in Paris till December 23, 2006.
23rd November 2006

Thanks to Fréderic Lebain, you have the opportunity to taste chocolate photographs... (more…)

Contemporary photograph auction sales in Paris November 17, 2006
13th November 2006

The selection of the photographers by Peeping Tom will mix emerging talents and established artists. (more…)

November 2006: Hotels Paris Rive Gauche would like to introduce
5th November 2006

Valentine Vermeil What if objects could talk?... and the sheets from room 51 of the Hôtel du Panthéon had passed...

"Le temps suspendu. Les Archives nationales (national architrave) by Patrick Tourneboeuf" exhibition at Hôtel de Soubise in Paris till 22 February 2007
25th October 2006

Through more than twenty big photographs, this exhibition enables to discover the national architrave world in a beautiful old town-house...

October 2006: Hotels Paris Rive Gauche would like to introduce
2nd October 2006

Olivier Gounot Olivier Gounot is a photographer who loves movies, and we think his night at the Eiffel Park Hôtel...

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