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Alabaster Tears,
the mourners of the tomb of John The Fearless
an exhibition at the Cluny Museum until 3rd June 2013
27 February 2013

Ever since the Dijon Fine Arts Museum closed for renovation in 2010, the ornamental masterpieces by Jean de la Huerta...

Eileen Gray exhibition at the Pompidou Centre
until 20th May 2013
26 February 2013

Working in both decorative arts and modernist architecture, Eileen Gray has a massive retrospective currently at the Pompidou Centre... (more…)

Circulation(s) photo festival in the Bagatelle gardens
from 22nd February – 31st March 2013
13 February 2013

3rd edition for this photo festival organised by Fetart around young European photography, with over 40 photographer on show in...

Exhibition The floating universe of Paul Jacoulet at the Quai Branly Museum from 26 February 19 May 2013
7 February 2013

French artist Paul Jacoulet (1896-1960) arrived in Japan in 1899, not knowing that he was going to spend the majority...

Marie Laurencin exhibition at the Marmottan Museum
from 21st February – 30th June 2013
4 February 2013

The first French exhibition to showcase the talents of one the 20th century's most famous female painters... (more…)

The Mexican Suitcase at the Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme from 27th February – 30th June 2013
23 January 2013

It's an incredible story - a suitcase belonging to Robert Capa found 70 years after being 'lost', containing thousands of...

Clément Beraud photo exhibition at La Belle Juliette from 14th January – 4th March 2013
16 January 2013

Alain Bisotti of PHPA really loved Clément Beraud's work when he was presented with it, so much in fact that he...

The essential exhibitions in Paris for 2013
10 January 2013

Frida Kahlo, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Jacques Demy and Nefertiti await you in Paris in 2013, and everyone's looking forward...

A new Renoir and more acquisitions for the Musée d’Orsay
7 January 2013

A Renoir hidden form public view since 1938, and only documented by an old photo, is now in the hands...

Chagall Between War and Peace,
an exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg
from 21st February – 21st July 2013
2 January 2013

Moïshe Zakharovitch Chagalov (Marc Chagall) died as recently as 1985, aged 97, meaning that he experienced first hand a number...