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Festival Flamenco de Paris du 28 février au 03 mars 2006 au Cirque d’Hiver
2nd February 2006

Ce festival présente tous les aspects de la culture flamenco, chant, danse, guitare, art de vivre... (more…)

Sapidus – flavour seller
31st January 2006

Walking in the Batignolles area of Paris... (more…)

A Bordeaux and a painting

The Ecluse winebars are worth a visit in Paris. They like their Bordeaux, and tell us a little more... in...

A sunday at the MAC/VAL and a lunch at Transversal restaurant

The Macval in Virty-sur-Seine is the newest modern art museum in the Paris area. (more…)

The Aquarium of Trocadero in Paris will be re-opened at the beginning of April 2006
30th January 2006

After the Petit Palais, the Grand Palais, the Muséé d'Art Moderne (more…)

L’Aquarium du Trocadéro réouvre ses portes en avril 2006 et fait des mécontents…

Fermé depuis 1985... Après le Petit Palais, le Grands Palais, le Musée d'Art Moderne... (more…)

January 2006 : The Hotels Paris Rive Gauche would like to introduce

Jérome D'Almeida Jérome d'Almeida took photos of the Paris Rive Gauche hotels, and did a great job. After staying at...

A nice photoblog by Eugene (BoisCharbon)
27th January 2006

White and black pictures... (more…)

Magritte and Photography from March 15th to June 11th 2006 at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie
25th January 2006

This exhibition is part of "L'esprit du Nord/Spirit of the North" exhibition. (more…)