A Parisian experience

We visit the Yves Saint Laurent Museum
30th April 2018

It's been six months now since the Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent changed into the Yves Saint Laurent...

We visit the incredible boutique
Lumière de l’œil
28th March 2018

The Left Bank hides many treasures, and Lumière de l'œil (Light of the Eye) is undoubtedly one of them. Hidden...

Crazy architecture and a huge park – we visit the Paris ‘Cité universitaire’
27th February 2018

If you arrive in Paris at Orly airport and take the direct train to our hotels, you'll go through a...

We visit the Museum of the Monnaie de Paris
23rd January 2018

Not many European cities can say they have a working mint in their centre. In fact, apparently none can except...

We visit the restored Church of
26th December 2017

Just a few minutes away from our hotels, the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés dates from the 19th century (although it was...

Discovering Art Nouveau architecture
(and more!) in Paris
28th August 2017

Paris is known for having beautifully preserved architecture, with superb stone monuments and wide boulevards. Paris is also one of...

We visit the magical Jardin des Plantes
27th May 2017

With the vast and superb Jardin du Luxembourg just minutes from our hotels, you'd be forgiven for wondering why we'd...

The Left Bank seen from the Right Bank
19th April 2017

The banks of the Seine on the Left Bank were made a pedestrian area in 2013 and people took to...

We visit the Picasso Museum in Paris
21st February 2017

Completely renovated and expanded two years ago, the Picasso Museum in Paris is now brighter with more space, a huge...

We visit the Fragonard Perfume Museum
and the new Grand Museum of Perfume
30th December 2016

Paris already had one perfume museum, but since last week it now has two! The Musée Fragonard is in a new...