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Roland Garros in Paris from 22nd May – 10th June 2012
18 May 2012

The bestest tennis tournament in the whole world is back, taking sponsorship to classy new heights... (more…)

The 2012 Tour de France arrives in Paris
on 22nd July 2012
19 October 2011

The route has been fixed, and all the cycling fans will be on the Champs Elysée on 22nd July 2012...

The 2011 Tour de France arrives in Paris,
Sunday 24th July
28 June 2011

Cycling nuts around the world tune in for the stunning finale to this three-week event, but nothing beats actually seeing...

The Homeless World Cup in Paris
from 21st – 28th August 2011
16 June 2011

We didn't even know such an event existed. Shame on us, as it's the 9th edition of the tournament that's...