Unusual Paris

Ratatouille "Rat-a-too-ee", the New animated cartoon by Walt Disney takes place in Paris !
25th July 2007

In the new animated-adventure, RATATOUILLE, a rat named Remy dreams of becoming a great French chef despite his family’s wishes...

Sortie du nouveau Walt Disney "Ratatouille" le 1er Août 2007
24th July 2007

La gastronomie française mise à l'honneur à Paris par un rat de goût cuisinier hors du commun ... mérite bien...

"Paris Treasures" July 7, 2007
6th July 2007

Come and hunt Paris treasures. The treasure hunt is free and open to all. (more…)

Paris beach 2007: from July 19 to August 19 2007 between Louvre and Sully bridge.
14th May 2007

Enjoy Paris beach 6th edition in your brand new swimsuit! (more…)

"Roland Garros – The French Open 2007" in Paris from May 27 to June 10, 2007
9th May 2007

Discover the name of the future legends of the game who will inscribed their name on the French Open 2007....

Chinese New Year 2007 in Paris February 18, 2007
16th January 2007

The Chinese community in Paris celebrates the dawning of the Year of the Boar with a colourful parade through the...

"Sales evening" in Paris during winter sales January 11, 2007.
5th January 2007

Throughout this unique sales-shopping period, bargain hunters will be able to enjoy reductions and take time to do crazy shopping!...

Winter bargain 2007 in Paris from 10 January to 17 February 2007
11th December 2006

Be careful, save your money for the winter promotion! (more…)

Let’s play piano at Eiffel Park Hotel in Paris
16th November 2006

Our piano in the hotel living-room lacks a musician to be alive. Don't hesitate to go to the hotel and...

Department stores illumination in Paris
15th November 2006

Xmas' foretaste on Boulevard Haussmann. (more…)